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Everyone in Deadman Wonderland starts of as a normal prisoner within the main prison system.

As people develop their characters as normal prisoners, behind the scenes people will be chosen to become Deadmen and Forgeries.

Undertakers will be decided upon at the start and will not gain members unless one leaves.

Special Characters

These will be chosen randomly, though some things will be taken into account, like back story depth, activity among other things to be set out.

If you are chosen to become a special charachter it is to be kept TOTALLY SECRET, revealing your identity as one of these will be breaking the masquerade and will have possibly dire IC consequences.

IC normal prisoners DO NOT know about special characters. Though other special characters know each other, and can RP at will, as long as they don’t break the secret.


If people wish, they can become part of the security force of Deadman Wonderland. And become Prison Guards/Officials. This goes for any member of staff within the prison. Staff members can discipline the prisoners, even bribe them to not cause trouble.

Gangs are perfectly viable and somewhat encouraged.


Due to the nature of DMW death is a very readily anticipated aspect. Though once a character dies, there is nothing stopping the player from creating a new OC.


Events will run similar to the Dog race, these will gain you credits, and depending on your OC's back story, be required for you to buy candy.

The Carnival corpse, will run each week, with the Roster being randomly generated, each fight must be completed by the end of the week.

Credits will be awarded as needed in Events.


To be taken once a week, will be awarded with purchase or special circumstances.

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